Why You Should Choose A Massage Chair For Your Home


Massage Chairs go a long way to providing great comfort for those who need a little extra TLC. This includes people with joint problems, post-surgery complications, arthritis or other ailments. The right Massage Chair can banish stress across the board and help rejuvenate the body, especially after a long day.


Factory Direct Medical is currently holding a special on Massage Chairs, which means it’s a great time to analyze these products to determine if they’re right for your house. What exactly goes into a good Massage Chair, and how can it help provide a stress-relieving experience? Let’s find out.


Massage Chairs aren’t just simple pieces of furniture with a little bit of technology built in. In fact, they’re quite complex pieces of machinery that have been tailored specifically to provide the best comfort and experience. Our CH4001 Massage Chair features two automated massage programs including Shiatsu massage with heat. The chair features adjustable rollers with 3 separate intensities to choose from that help alleviate tension and pain from the neck, all the way down to the legs. The chair also reclines to help you relax even more, especially if you’re prone to a quick nap or two. This chair also goes above and beyond by including two speakers integrated into the head section which can stream music and audio from Bluetooth devices such as smartphones.


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Finally, there’s a Seat, Back & Neck Massage Cushion that is designed with portability in mind. Take it with you anywhere you go and install in seconds onto your favorite sofa, chair or other lounger to provide a personal custom massage experience with optional heat and intensity settings. This is the perfect solution for those who travel, or would like a massage cushion for use in the office during long work hours. The rotating rollers do a marvelous job on the head, neck and back areas, and can be operated via remote control to your specifications.


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Everyone loves a great massage, and these products are designed to provide just that. Regardless of your budget and needs, there’s an option for everyone. For more information on our Massage Chairs and any questions you might have, please feel free to contact us today!