Which Knee Sport Brace & Support is Right for Me?


As much as we love being active, the wear and tear on our knees can sometimes become too much to bear. Through bad luck or calamity, our mobility can become greatly affected through painful afflictions and injuries to our knees. Fortunately, we can often mitigate this pain and help recovery by using sport braces and supports.

As there are many different kinds of knee pain, it only makes sense that there are many different types of sport braces and supports. But, with so many available options, it can sometimes be overwhelming to know which one to use.

To explain the difference, here’s a short primer that explains different types of sport braces and supports that are available. Hopefully, this will help you determine which sport brace or support is right for you.


Custom braces

Custom braces are made for a single user, especially in cases of severe injury. Providing optimal support, they are custom designed for your body and your particular ailment or injury. However, this specialization comes at a high price, often costing in excess of a thousand dollars. 

If your health insurance won’t cover this cost, other options are readily available.


Hinged Knee Braces

Hinged knee braces are geared towards serious knee injuries that include damage to the ACL, MCL or LCL. In addition to providing post-injury support, these braces are also useful when getting back on your feet and doing light activity.

This type of versatility is on display with the Actimove Sports Knee Brace. Designed for sport and other high activity, this knee brace features COOLMAX AIR, a quick-drying  technology that keeps the enclosed area dry and comfortable during use, all while providing great support and stability.


Open vs Closed Patellar Knee Braces

The knee is a miracle of human engineering made possible by the patella (kneecap), one of the few floating bones in our bodies. But, due to their unique function, knee injuries can become particularly complicated when patellas are involved.

In order to treat the wide range of knee injuries, knee braces are available in “open” and “closed” varieties. Open knee braces help keep the patella in a locked position while reducing pressure on the kneecap; meanwhile, closed knee braces are designed to support other parts of the knee. 


Wraparound Knee Braces

Wraparound knee braces are designed to keep your kneecap fixed in place using a lot of support. Two firm straps encircle the leg above and below the knee, enabling users with more mobility without undue pressure.

This type of brace is made to alleviate knee pain from ligament injuries or osteoarthritis. They are simple to use and easy to incorporate into your daily life.


Slip-on Knee Braces

Slip-on knee braces designed to provide support for mild-to-moderate injuries and chronic pain. Less bulky and rigid than their hinged counterparts, slip-on knee braces provide a wider range of motion and are much easier to use.

One such example of a slip-on brace is the Actimove Everyday Knee Support Closed Patella. Discreet enough to wear under your clothes, this brace provides medical compression that helps reduce edema when you need it. 


Helpful Reminders

As an important note, you should keep in mind that sport braces and supports won’t get you back to peak condition without proper rehabilitation and medical advice. If you’re looking to invest in a sport brace or support, be sure to consult a healthcare professional to guide you towards the best road to recovery.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a sport brace or support should never exacerbate your condition. If wearing a brace or support causes increased pain, this is a sure sign that you’re wearing the wrong type and should immediately consult a doctor.

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