What To Look For In A Lift Chair



Lift chairs are wonderful for those who need a little help regaining their mobility.  The chair lifts upwards from its base in order to help you raise to a standing position.  Not only that, but lift chairs also allow you to change positions while seated, to find your optimal comfort level.


There are a lot of lift chair models to choose from, so it’s good to know a bit more about them before you decide to make a purchase.  This article will touch on some things you need to know before deciding which model is right for you. 



The first thing you should consider is what purpose you’ll be using the lift chair for.  A basic lift chair includes a 2-3 position lift system that is designed primarily for relaxation.  However, there are others who need to be seated for extended periods of time due to injury or hypertension, in which case an infinite position lift chair would be more ideal. 


Next, you’ll want to take the budget into account.  Infinite lift chairs tend to be more expensive than regular lift chairs, so it’s a good idea to figure out which one you’ll need, and choose accordingly.  Finally, don’t forget about dimensions.  Some lift chairs are larger than others, which can be problematic in smaller houses.  Make sure you choose one that fits your sitting area.




Older folks, and those suffering from things like knee or shoulder injuries will definitely appreciate the comfort that a lift chair brings to their lives.  They also sport optional features such as a heating and massage unit to soothe those with arthritis, back pain or sore joints. They are electrically operated with a hand controller mechanism, and many include a battery backup in case of a power outage.


Lift chairs come with a choice of two back styles – button and pillow.  The former offer more firmness, while the latter are designed for more soothing comfort.  In terms of upholstery, lift chairs come in a choice of velvet, cloth, vinyl or leather.  This gives a little extra choice not just in terms of personal comfort, but decor as well.



We just touched upon the differences between 2-3 position, and infinite position lift chairs.  What exactly do we mean by this?  Let’s look at 2 position lift chairs, first.  These chairs sport a single motor for the back and footrest, which reclines the chair while raising the footrest up accordingly.  You have the choice of how much you’d like the chair to recline, and you may control this mechanism with the push of a button.


3 position lift chairs are a bit different.  In addition to the same back and footrest motor, the 3 position chair not only reclines to around 45 degrees, but is also capable of reclining further so that you may enter a napping position.  This is wonderful for those who need to get a little rest in the middle of the afternoon!


And finally, the infinite position lift chair features a dual-motor system in contrast to the single found in 2-3 position chairs.  The back and footrest remain independent, allowing you to adjust each one to your preference.  You may also recline this chair back to around 180 degrees, and sometimes more than that.  Due to these extra options, infinite lift chairs are widely considered to be the most versatile of the three.



Lift chairs are designed to encourage the use of several sitting and laying positions, and it’s important to note the differences.  The first is the Trendelenburg position, where you lay on your back with the feet elevated slightly higher than the head.  This improves blood circulation in lower extremities while simultaneously offering a number of benefits for those with certain conditions, such as edema. 


The Zero Gravity position involves reclining in the chair while the feet are elevated above the head and the heart.  This position is designed to alleviate stress on the spinal column, returning it to a neutral position.  This is excellent for relieving back pain, muscle tension and heart/lung stress.  In this position, relaxation is guaranteed.



The combination of relaxing positions and the ability to raise to a standing position with the push of a button makes lift chairs an invaluable addition for your home.  They’re designed to fit in with your existing decor, while offering a level of health and wellness benefits that drastically reduce the amount of tension and strain on your body.  Having armed yourself with the knowledge in this article, you’re ready to choose your ideal lift chair.


We have a lot of lift chairs to choose from, but if you require more assistance in determining which is right for you, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have!