Understanding Personal Protective Equipment Products


As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its final stage before it goes into decline, the importance of personal safety equipment remains paramount, especially for those in direct contact with anyone who might have the virus, such as hospital patients or loved ones being cared for at home.


Understanding personal safety equipment means understanding how the products work, and what they’re designed for. There’s more to it than face masks, so read along to learn more about the products we currently stock and offer, so that you can decide which ones are right for you.


Masks And Shields

There are a variety of products available to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection, and face masks and shields are the most common. KN95 face masks are considered one of the best options for those working in close proximity to infected people, as well as for everyday use outside of your home. 3 Ply Face Masks are also available, with 3 layers of filter material designed with fluid resistance in mind. Face Shields are also a good option for home users who want to keep droplets, aerosol, dust and splashed liquids away from their faces. These masks are meant for personal use only.


Antibacterial Hand Wash

The importance of washing your hands has never been more important than it has been during the COVID-19 outbreak. The CDC recommends that you wash your hands regularly, especially after you’ve gone outside your house, in order to protect yourself and others from infection. We offer two types of 70% alcohol antibacterial hand foam hand wash, which are designed to work without water or the need to towel-dry your hands. Both are enriched with an exclusive skin conditioning system that contains 5 natural botanical extracts. This keeps hands soft and residue-free by utilizing a quick-drying formula to kill germs, bacteria and viruses like COVID-19. This hand wash by 1st Response comes in a 1.89L bottle (or case of 4), or individual 250mL pump bottles (or case of 12).


Tech Devices

Those who need to accurately and quickly screen potential victims of the COVID-19 virus can benefit from a number of devices currently on the market, including the Infrared Thermometer. Within 1-2 seconds, this device can accurately measure a person’s temperature to give early warning signs of a possible viral infection. It can be operated within a 3-5cm range, and contains an easy-to-use control panel and LCD readout for quick estimation of infection. This is beneficial for hospital workers, safety personnel, and those working in nursing homes and other places where inbound and outbound traffic is higher than normal.

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