TENA® Comfort Pants

SOFT, COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE SEAMLESS PANTS eliminate potential pressure points, enhancing wearer comfort with a superior body-close fit.

Designed to support and hold TENA Pads in place, these washable reusable pants ensure that the user's pads stay securely in place. The soft, elastic edges guarantee comfort and can be washed several times without losing their shape. Suitable for both men and women.

Washable & Reusable


5 to 10 day delivery
Product Item # Waist Size Pcs/Case Pkgs/Case
TENA® Comfort Pant: S/M3604451-94 cm (20-37”)242
TENA® Comfort Pant: L/XL3605571-132 cm (28-52”)242
TENA® Comfort Pant: 2XL/3XL3606697-157 cm (38-62”)242
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