Security Pole with Grab Bar

Stander’s Security Pole with Curve Grab Bar provides a safe, secure support for sitting and standing that can be moved to any room in your home whenever necessary. The slim design makes for an easy fit in tight spaces.

Standing aids are special order items and are not returnable. For situations where the quality of materials or workmanship is in question we will be happy to work with you and the manufacturer to find a solution. The manufacturer has final say on all warranty claims.

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The Grab Bar is created with 4 vertical bars and also pivots, locking in place every 45 degrees. The floor-to-ceiling Security Pole is tension mounted and is packaged with its own wrench so no other tools are required.

Floor to ceiling poles are basically grabs bars that can be used almost anywhere within a person's residence where a wall grab bar is either not practicable or the user doesn't want a permanently installed bar. The pole has a floor plate, a ceiling plate and an adjustable length pole that has a rubber grip in the mid section.

The big advantage of these poles is that there are no holes drilled in the house to secure them in place. They can be removed and reinstalled without leaving any evidence of them having been there. They can be installed any place there is a level, solid floor and ceiling.

To install a floor to ceiling pole, the installer simply assembles the pole with its two plates and extends the pole in the location the pole is needed. Once the pole is long enough for the plates to touch both the floor and ceiling the installer will continue to try and lengthen the pole effectively clamping it in place. it is important that sufficient pressure is applied to the floor and ceiling to make the pole secure. If not enough pressure is exerted, the floor to ceiling pole can be pulled out of position leading to an accidental fall.

Curved Grab Bar

The curved grab bar is ideal to those who want the convenience of a floor to ceiling pole but don't find a vertical handhold comfortable or appropriate. The curved grab bar provides multiple horizontal bars to grab onto with either one hand or two. Additionally, the curved grab bar can be locked in four different convenient positions around the pole at 45 degree intervals.

  • Rust resistant zinc plated steel with durable powder coat finish
  • Fits ceiling heights:  range of 7-9ft, extension available for 10ft ceiling
  • Weight capacity:  300 lbs
  • Weight of product:  20 lbs
  • Package Dimensions: 54” x 12.50” x 3.25” 22 lbs
  • Case of 2 Dimensions: 54” x 12.50” x 6.5” 45 lbs
  • Locks every 45 degrees at 4 different heights
  • Its adjustable, fitting ceiling heights from 7 feet to 10 feet
  • No need for wall mounts
  • Provides ultimate support for moving from a sitting to an upright position
  • Supports at 4 different heights
  • Protects areas of the house
  • Great for temporary use
  • Looks stylish and blends in with home decor
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