Quick Ramp Modular System

AlumiRamp’s QUICK RAMP SYSTEM is a pre-engineered kit designed to combine the economic savings of wood with the strength and ease of our modular aluminum systems.

With these kits, an individual can quickly and easily build and install a full ramp system.

Instructions are included that provide ADA guidelines, handrail options, and cut lists for the required lumber. A truly economical option that is easier than designing from scratch in all wood.

The Quick Ramp kit includes all the hardware and framing need to build a ramp in aluminum. The purchaser provides to wood for the decking and railings.

It is recommended that pressure treated lumber is used.

Quick Ramps carry a ten year warranty on the aluminum framing they supply.

Many factors affect the pricing of Modular ramp systems including exchange rate on the dollar, shipping charges, factory pricing, configuration modifications and any customization needed. The prices here are estimates only and intended to give customers and rough idea of the product cost. Prices charged are based on quotations from the factory once the layout and requirements are confirmed.

QUick Ramp systems have a delivery time of 2 to 5 days on average. A closer estimate of time will be available at time of quotation

1 to 2 Week Delivery

Product Information

Quick Ramp modular ramp components are stocked at the factory and normal ship within 2 or 3 business days of order date. During particularly busy times additional time may be required.

Quick Ramp wheelchair ramp systems are designed to meet most accessibility codes. The length of the ramp must be at least 1 foot long for every 1 inch of rise. All installed ramps with more than a 6 inch height require railings on both sides for safety.

Ramp lengths will be a combination of 4', 6', 8' and 10' ramp sections. If required, specific lengths can be ordered instead of the standard (eg; 2 x 4' sections instead of 1 x 8' section).

Top landings, of some type, are always required. They can be existing decks or porches, new build decks or porches or new aluminum top landings purchased with your ramp. Top landings include the frame work to add railings and decking.

All needed hardware needed for assembly is included with components. Products needed for site preparation, if needed, are not included.

Modular ramp systems are not returnable. For situations where the quality of materials or workmanship is in question we will be happy to work with you and the manufacturer to find a solution. The manufacturer has final say on all warranty claims.

Please be advised that purchasers should contact their local building departments to ensure the ramp will be acceptable and required regulations are met. Ramps cannot be returned due to rejection by building inspectors. Download Ramp Installation Information.

Wood Requirements for the Quick Ramp system

Click on image for full size version.

Ramp and Platform decking can be made of either 2" x 6" lumber or 2" x 10" lumber. From the chart above you can work out your needs for either. If you'd like some help with this please let us know.

The 2" x 4" lumber is used to construct the railings. The requirements give the amount of lumber needed for a railing with 2 horizontal rail (approximately 18" and 36" high. For picket railing as shown in the pictures, additional lumber will be required.

Ramp Length Calculator

Rise (in inches):
(Vertical difference between the bottom level and top level)

Minimum Required Modular Ramp Length
(1:12 slope, results in feet)
Suitable for wheelchair, scooter and walker users)


  • 10 year warranty
  • assembles easily with a few common household tools
  • legs can be recessed under the system for a clean look
  • all anodized aluminum
  • heavy duty aluminum construction
  • fully adjustable height and slope
  • all stainless steel fasteners
  • universal platforms
  • no footings required
  • recyclable
Model Length Maximum Rise* Width Capacity
QUI01 4' 4" 36" 100 lbs/ft2
QUI02 6' 6" 36" 100 lbs/ft2
QUI03 8' 8" 36" 100 lbs/ft2
QUI04 10' 10" 36" 100 lbs/ft2
QUI05 12' 12" 36" 100 lbs/ft2
QUI06 14' 14" 36" 100 lbs/ft2
QUI07 16' 16" 36" 100 lbs/ft2
QUI08 18' 18" 36" 100 lbs/ft2
QUI09 20' 20" 36" 100 lbs/ft2
QUI10 22' 22" 36" 100 lbs/ft2
QUI11 24' 24" 36" 100 lbs/ft2
QUI12 26' 26" 36" 100 lbs/ft2
QUI13 28' 28" 36" 100 lbs/ft2
QUI14 30' 30" 36" 100 lbs/ft2

AlumiRamp, the manufacturer of the Armada Modular Ramp System, stands behind all products with a 10 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. To request a copy of their full warranty please visit at www. alumiramp.com.

Modular ramp systems are not returnable. For situations where the quality of materials or workmanship is in question we will be happy to work with you and the manufacturer to find a solution. The manufacturer has final say on all warranty claims.

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Ramp Safety

  1. Regularly check your ramp for worn, loose, or damaged parts. If you find any of these conditions DO NOT USE THE RAMP. Contact your Dealer for repairs. Failure to do so may cause severe injury!
  2. The surface of the ramp may become slippery in icy or wet conditions. Caution should be used when using the ramp.
  3. Keep the ramp surface free of dirt and debris.
  4. Always check the chair or scooter for the manufacturer's recommended degree of incline. Do not use ramps that are steeper than recommended.
  5. Do not add to or modify any part of the ramp. Doing so may void your warranty.
  6. Do not use the ramp for purposes other than those it was designed for.
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