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Boards and Transfer Benches

Bath transfer benches are bath safety items that are a step up from bath seats in that they are larger, more comfortable and more stable. When set up, the bath transfer bench will have two legs outside the bath tub and two legs inside.

The legs on bath transfer benches are adjustable in length for two reasons. One, they have to be long enough to raise the seat of the transfer bench above the sidewall of the bathtub and two, the leg length outside the tub usually has to be longer than the legs inside the tub to keep the transfer bench level.

Another feature of most bath transfer benches is they can be switched for use between tubs with the taps on the right and tubs where the taps on the left. Because there is an armrest on the inside of most transfer benches and the back rest is always at the opposite end of the tub from the taps there is a need to be able to change the transfer bench from one configuration to the other.

The user will sit on the outside end of the bath transfer bench, swing their legs into the bath tub and then shift themselves over
to the center of the tub. Because of the transfer bench’s stability, most people find it a safer option than bath seats for transferring
into the bath tub and bathing.

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