PPE Products For Kids Going Back To School



With depression and suicide rates among kids climbing to record levels due to lockdown initiatives imposed by local governments, the consensus is that kids should start getting back to school. Not only will this benefit them academically, but socially as well. The longer we stay locked down, the worse our youth suffer. Thankfully, infection rates among children are extraordinarily low, with strong evidence pointing to the fact that they are not a major vector of transmission.

Nevertheless, it’s important to stay safe, which is why guidelines are in place as kids start filtering back into the classrooms and taking the first steps toward a return to normalcy. Social distancing and other mandated measures are still in effect, at least until the vaccine rollout has run its course. In the meantime, consider a few PPE options for your kids while they enter what should be the final leg of this pandemic.



Naturally, face masks are number one on everyone’s list as we progress through the pandemic. Not all face masks are alike, and they offer differing levels of protection based on a number of factors. We carry 3-ply masks in a variety of colours and designs for kids to pick and choose from. Not only do these abide by the recommendations of major health experts, but they’re fun as well.

While it is true that children are nowhere near a prominent risk group for either contracting or spreading Covid-19, there’s no guarantee of safety without one. To minimize the risk of transmission across the board, face masks should be a number one priority. Factory Direct Medical offers several face mask variants, including disposable and reusable, as well as hypoallergenic. It’s hard enough to get kids to keep a mask on their face as it is, which is why it pays to inject some fun and enthusiasm into their design.



Kids love accessories, and the more colourful, the better. Blending a safety option into an accessory design is a great way to get kids to feel enthusiastic about wearing one, which is why our refillable Sanitizer Bracelets are so popular. With hygiene and the washing of hands on everyone’s mind over the past year (and indeed, before), these bracelets make great sense. They’re perfect for kids who need to sanitize their hands, but can’t find a nearby hand sanitizer station. Simply fill the bracelet up with gel-type hand sanitizer, and your child will have 5 applications ready to go at a moment’s notice.

With the touch of a button, the sanitizer is applied, giving kids a quick and easy method to keep their hands clean. The bracelets come in 13 bright and attractive colours that are sure to get kids talking. They also come in two sizes, depending on your child’s wrist size.



Covid-19 spreads via droplets that splash on surfaces, including one’s face and hands. To minimize the risk of contracting and spreading the virus, one may opt for a face shield to prevent any splatter from landing on their face. While not intended for casual use, face shields can be of huge benefit when walking around crowded areas, or in close proximity to other people, such as on an airplane. With so much interaction and activity, the risk of droplet spread increases dramatically, and that means protection is a must.

Our face shields protect kids from the sun, wind, UV rays, dust, and of course, droplet spray.  They come in several colours including yellow, red, black and beige, while others are sold as clear.

By exercising caution as kids re-enter the schools, we can move forward quicker into a summer season with Covid-19 on the ropes, and vaccinations picking up speed. The result will be a return to normal by the Fall, if current trends continue. That’s reason enough for anyone to get excited, but that goes double for kids who yearn to get out of the house, and start living life to the fullest again.

For more information on PPE product choices for both kids and adults alike, please contact us today!