Aluminum Cane - Ergonomic Handle - CH2053

Model: CH2053

The height adjustment range of this cane is 34"” to 38"” and is recommended for users between 5'8"” and 6' plus ’ in height.

Adjustable height canes are beneficial to individuals who wear shoes of various heights and/or want to adjust it according to the grounds beneath them (high pile carpet vs hardwood). It is also an economical option for hospitals etc. who might have multiple users sharing the same cane or rental programs.

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Adjustment Guide

When a person is standing as upright as possible the top of the cane handle should be even with the inside of the wrist where one normally wears a watch. A can that is too short will force them to walk in a stooped position. The arm is strongest when fully extended and a cane adjusted too tall will force the user to bend their arm reducing their ability to support their weight. A properly adjusted cane will allow the user to walk with a slight bend at the elbow and as upright as possible.

  • Recommended User Height*: 5' 8" to 6'
  • Handle Height: 34” to 38”
  • Handle Style: Ergonomic Offset
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Frame material: Aluminum

*Recommended user heights are estimates only. Body proportions differ between people and these differences will affect the functional user height of the cane.

  • Aluminum construction
  • Ergonomic Offset Handle
  • Durable rubber tip for safety
  • Locking ring ensures added safety after adjustment

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