Lift Chairs & The Features They Offer



Lift Chairs are invaluable tools for the home which allow users to stand up and sit down without any trouble. This is good news for those who suffer from knee and joint problems, back issues or other health-related afflictions that make mobility and flexibility more difficult. With the aid of a Lift Chair, users don’t have to worry about losing balance, stressing their joints and muscles, or having trouble rising up to a stand. They make the day go by easier and far more pleasant.


Factory Direct Medical stocks a variety of popular Lift Chair variants that are perfect for the home or institutions across Canada. Choosing the right one involves knowing a bit more about key models, which is why we invite you to read on and learn more.



Factory Direct Medical carries its own Planet Line of Lift Chairs which are designed for a multitude of users and budgets. They also include differing features across models that range from straightforward to downright luxurious. Basic models like our Jupiter Three Position Lift Chair are affordable options that deliver great performance for users up to 6 feet tall. Standard Lift Chairs are packed with a bit more in terms of features, such as our Pluto, Venus and Jupiter models with 2 incorporated motors that allow for infinite positioning. This feature involves total recline and independent function of the foot and back areas. Feet can be elevated independently of the back (or vice versa), or both can be partially elevated depending on each user’s desires.


Deluxe Lift Chairs are even more advanced, and offer features such as optional heat and massage, adjustable trays and even cup holders for those who want a model more suited for relaxation and luxury. It also retains the same infinite position technology as Standard variants. And finally, Specialty Lift Chairs are fine-tuned for particular users and their needs. Our Mars model offers traditional Lift Chair tilting along with vertical lift mode for easy side transfers, or to and from a bed. The arms and shoulder wings can even be removed to make this process much easier. Other models like our Europa offer Zero-G positioning, adjustable headrest and lumbar support and a unique steel frame that can support and elevate legs higher than the heart.



Our Elran Lift Chairs are designed with relaxation and comfort in mind, and the company has 45 years of experience under their belt to deliver on their promise. The chairs are symbolized by their strong frames, lifetime warranty on parts and outstanding quality, durability and safety.


We carry a vast assortment of Elran Lift Chairs that each cater to different individuals, budgets and demands. Our 812 model is economically priced and features a choice of one motor/two position or two motor/three position mechanisms depending on preference. On the opposite end of the spectrum sits the 40082 X-Tall Chair with a bevy of optional colours and fabrics to choose from (including leather), plus the same choice of one or two motor variants. The back can be removed for easy handling and movement while direct drive activation synchronizes the right and left sides for easy opening. It also features a spring loaded footrest, easy to use hand control and a 24 volt UL approved motor with battery backup. In addition to these polar opposite models, Factory Direct Medical offers plenty of in-between options for the discerning buyer.



For a more economical option that is best suited to users who don’t need the full functionality of a Lift Chair, our Seat Lifts are the perfect fallback. These products by Carex offer the same function of a Lift Chair at an extremely economical price point. Plus, they can be taken with you anywhere for extra convenience. Simply place them on your favorite chair and take advantage of the extra boost given automatically when you start to stand up. Standard models feature a hydro-pneumatic gas spring which eliminates the need for electricity, while other models are fully electric and allow for more control.


Making it through the day should not be a tiresome chore, and Lift Chairs can go a long way towards transforming your home while giving you the extra push you need. For more information on our Lift Chair line and any questions you might have regarding specific models, please contact us.