Leukomed T - Waterproof Transparent Film Sterile

Leukomed T is a sterile, breathable, waterproof, transparent film dressing designed to cover catheter or wound sites while providing a barrier to external contaminants such as bacteria, blood and body fluids.

  • Easy to apply with the unique red stripe system
  • Rounded edges prevent dressing from curling up
  • Waterproof and barrier to bacteria, Sterile, Latex-Free
  • Completely transparent for easy inspection without removing dressing
  • 5 bandages per box

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Leukomed T

Sizes Available

7238103 7.2 x 5 cm
7238104 8 x 10 cm
7238105 11 x 14 cm
7238111 10 x 12.5 cm
7238112 15 x 20 cm
7238113 15 x 25 cm
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