Leg Health and Compression Socks

Compression Socks and Stockings

 Keeping your legs healthy is essential to your overall health. One of the most important aspects of leg health is having good circulation. Proper circulation allows blood and oxygen to flow throughout your body and helps nutrients reach tissue and remove waste. Good circulation will also help your legs to heal quicker including wounds and muscle recovery.

What is impacting my leg health?

Many factors can impact the circulation in your legs. Your calf muscles contracting is what helps your veins pump blood back to your heart. If you have an occupation that requires sitting or standing for long periods of time, if you’re pregnant or if you have diabetes, leg circulation may be a concern for you.Each can impact your legs in different ways:


There are many occupations that require sitting for long periods of time. Office employees such as receptionists or graphic designers, truck drivers, taxi or Uber drivers, can’t help but spend majority of their day seated. Sitting limits circulation to your lower half and the opportunity for your body to pump blood back to your heart. If you are suffering from poor circulation from sitting too long, you may notice tingling in your legs or feet.


There are also times when you’re on your feet all day. Nurses, doctors, teachers, retail employees and many more spend all day standing. Prolonged standing can cause blood to pool in your legs and feet. Swelling, and tired, achy legs are common symptom for those with poor circulation from standing.


 With so many changes to your body it’s no surprise that pregnancy can affect your leg health. The pressure from your growing baby can impact the circulation to your lower half causing circulatory issues and varicose veins.

How can I improve my leg health?

 Steps to improve your leg health include eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and managing stress. While all of these will help, sometimes improving circulation and overall leg health requires the aid of a compression stocking.

Available in many different styles, compression socks (also called compression stockings or sleeves) apply pressure to the legs to help stimulate calf muscles and your veins to increase blood flow and pump blood back to your heart. If you have a medical condition or are unable to alter the amount of time you sit or stand, you may require the aid of a compression sock.

Who else can benefit from compression socks?

Compression socks can also be used to improve the leg health of those suffering from diabetes and other venous diseases. Athletes also use compression socks to improve performance or for muscle recovery. The increase flow of blood and oxygen to muscles helps aid in faster healing and provides additional strength to leg muscles.

Anyone looking to improve leg health or circulation will benefit from wearing compression socks. Styles range from athletic to dress socks and include sleeves, socks, calf high hosiery, closed toe and open toe pantyhose and much more. Available in men’s, ladies, unisex, plus and petite sizes there are compression socks to fit everyone.