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Model: CH1091

This 22" Heavy Duty Wheelchair has a 22" seat with and are an economical choice for those who need a larger that standard wheelchair for regular to heavy use and institutional settings such as stores, hospitals, government offices etc.

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Product Information

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The 22”" bariatric wheelchair is a heavy duty wheelchair with a 22" seat width, weight capacity of 400lbs., steel folding frame, removable arm rests, removable foot rests, maintenance free solid tires and embossed light weight pvc upholstery.

This™ heavy duty wheelchair is an economical choice for users who require a larger than standard wheelchair with a capacity of up to 400 lbs., as loaner wheelchairs for stores and businesses and quite suitable for institutional use. The rugged design of these wheelchairs makes them last for many years with only minor maintenance issues common among all wheelchairs to deal with.

Although most people who use wheelchairs for long periods of time throughout the day will usually opt for lightweight wheelchairs, the EZee Life™ heavy duty wheelchairs are perfectly suitable for short excursions and basic transportation needs.

Because this model of wheelchair can be propelled by the user or pushed by a care giver, it will provide both independent and dependent mobility.

Factory Direct Medical is a 100% Canadian online retailer and the wheelchairs it sells are tax free and shipped free in Canada.

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Footrest Information

Standard Footrests

EZee Life™™ standard wheelchairs come standard with swing-away, removable footrests with flip-up, adjustable height footplates.

Footrest Adjustment

When adjusted properly, the distance from the top of the seating surface to the top of the footplate should equal the distance from the back of the knee when seated to the bottom of the foot. Measurements should be taken while the user is wearing their most common footwear.

Optional Elevating Legrests (add $75.00)

Elevating leg rests are an option on all FDM EZ-Life standard wheelchairs and allow the user's feet to be supported when the knee is flexed at different angles. Elevating leg rests also include adjustable height flip-up footplates and can be swung away or removed as needed. Additionally, elevating leg rests each have an adjustable calf pad that supports the back the user's calf.

Elevating leg rests are designed for use by people who for some reason must keep their leg/legs straight or have limited flexion in the knee that prevents bending far enough for the use of standard footplates. They can be used singularly if only one leg is affected but must be purchased in pairs.

Elevating Legrest Adjustment

Due to the way the knee flexes a user's leg length effectively lengthens when straightened and this makes adjustment of the footplates a little tricky. We recommend that the user sits in the wheelchair and has a caregiver lift the leg rest to the most common expected angle of use and then adjust the footplates to a comfortable position.


Wheelchair Sizing

Choosing the right size wheelchair is important to the comfort and functionality of the wheelchair user. Wheelchairs are generally sized by seat dimensions. When a wheelchair is described as an 18" wheelchair it will have an 18" seat width.

If the wheelchair is too wide the user will have difficulty propelling the wheelchair and manoeuvrings through tight areas may be impossible. If the wheelchair is too narrow the user's outer thighs will be pushed against the armrests of the wheelchair causing discomfort and in extreme cases skin breakdown.

Determining the Correct Wheelchair Seat Width

The first step in determining the needed seat width for a user is to measure the width of their hips, at their widest point, while they are sitting.

The general rule of thumb is to add 2" to the user's width to determine the wheelchair seat size. However, if the user will not normally be going out wearing a heavy coat this added 2" may not be needed. Ideally, the seat width of the wheelchair should be as narrow as possible without causing pressure on the user's hips.

Wheelchairs are manufactured in 2" increments of seat width (14", 16", 18", etc.) with 16" being considered a narrow adult size and 18" being a normal seat width. Odd sizes (15", 17", 19", etc) are available in the much higher priced custom wheelchairs.

Seating Specifications

Seat Width:22”
Seat Depth:18"
Seat Height:19½"
Back Height:17"
Arm Height:9½"
Arm Length:11"
Foot Rest Length:Adjustable 15" to 19"
Footrest Hanger Angle:60 degree

Wheelchair Specifications

Wheel Size:24”
Caster Size:8”
Tire Type:Solid
Upholstery Type:PVC Vinyl
Weight Capacity:400 pounds
Frame Material:Steel
Weight of Chair:43 lbs
Weight of Footrests:3.6 lbs
Overall Height:35½"
Overall Width:30½""
Overall Length:Without footrest - 34"
With Footrest - 44"
Footrest Extended - 46"

Shipping Details

Box Size:34" x 12" x 36"
Weight in box:53 lbs

  • Folding frame
  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Economical price
  • 22” Wide seat
  • Maintenance free wheels
  • Solid flat free tires
  • Optional Elevating Legrests
  • 17½” to 19½” Seat Height Range

Ezee Life™ Limited Warranty

Ezee Life™ products carry a one year warranty against manufacturing defects, faulty materials and workmanship.

In the event of a defect covered by this warranty, we will, at our option, repair or replace the item. Please contact your supplier/dealer for assistance should a defect become apparent.

The warranty does not extend to consequential costs resulting from the fault or defect in the product, in particular freight and travel costs, loss of earnings, expenses or other expenses which may occur.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear resulting from normal use or damage caused by accident, misuse, negligence or improper installation or assembly.

The vendor/manufacturer will not accept responsibility for any damages or injury caused by misuse, negligence or non-observance of the instructions supplied.

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