Folding Electric Wheelchairs

Folding Electric Wheelchairs
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Electric Folding Wheelchairs

Our electric wheelchairs can be driven by a small movement of the hand using a joystick. The EZee Fold models are the answer for those who want independent mobility around home, at the shops or when traveling.

Our EZee Fold line of power wheelchairs provide a truly portable power wheelchair with an easy fold mechanism that allows it to be loaded into most vehicles. Do not confuse EZee Fold with EZ Fold, EZ Lite or Easy Fold; only EZee Fold is by EZee Life in Canada.

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Product Categories

Gen 1 EZee Fold Wheelchair
Generation 1 EZee Fold Electric Wheelchairs Our original power wheelchair available in standard or heavy duty models, with an 1 piece footboard or swing-away footrests.

  • Optional footboard or swing-away footrests
  • Batteries removable from rear
  • Holds up to 2 or 3 batteries (depending on model)
  • Easy Folding Frame
Gen 2 EZee Fold
Generation 2 EZee Fold Electric Wheelchairs Our second generation EZee Fold wheelchairs are available with a black or grey frame, 8" rear wheels and side frame mounted batteries.

  • Batteries removable from front
  • Cable folding mechanism on back
  • Available in Grey or Black Frame
  • Easy Folding Frame
EZee Fold DLX
Generation 3 EZee Fold Electric Wheelchairs Our latest EZee Fold models with side frame mounted batteries, 8" or 12" drive wheels and optional swing-away elevating leg rests.
  • Optional footboard or swing-away footrests
  • Adjustable back angle
    (3 positions)
  • Batteries removable from front
  • Frog legs suspension
  • Kickstand
  • Leg Guards
  • Easy Folding Frame
EZee Fold Bariatric
Generation 4 EZee Fold Bariatric Electric Wheelchairs Our G4 EZee Fold model is a heavy duty power folding wheelchair 12" drive wheels and a weight capacity of 500 pounds!
  • 500 lb Capacity
  • Right or Left Hand Drive
  • Powered or Manual Modes
  • 20 KM Range
  • 8 KPH Maximum Speed
  • Fold-in Anti-Tippers
EZee Fold Ultra-Light
Generation 5 EZee Fold Ultra-Light Electric Wheelchairs Our G5 Ultra-light EZee Fold model is a super light power folding wheelchair with 8" drive wheels, a weight capacity of 220 pounds and a total weight of just 37.5 pounds!
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Right or Left Hand Drive
  • Powered or Manual Modes
  • 220 lb Capacity
  • 15 KM Range
  • 4.5 KPH Maximum Speed

Parts and Accessories for the EZee Fold Line of Electric Wheelchairs Batteries, bags, holders and more...

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