How Diabetic Socks Can Improve Your Quality Of Life



People suffering from certain types of diabetes tend to have sensitive feet, and that can lead to conditions that require protection in order to prevent any underlying issues from getting worse. Diabetic socks are one item that can help diabetics live a much more comfortable life, while warding off some of the more harmful effects of their condition. The two most common afflictions are diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. The former is serious because it cuts off nerve signals to and from the brain, which can be a problem if the foot sustains cuts or other injuries that can lead to infection. The latter narrows the blood vessels, restricting blood flow to the legs and feet.


Diabetic socks are designed specifically to deal with these issues by increasing blood flow, keeping feet dry, and offering a layer of protection for the wearer. Typically, diabetic socks sport seamless material that prevents blistering of the feet that can lead to injury. They are typically well padded, with an extra layer for comfort and protection that helps reduce shock near areas most susceptible, such as the toes and heel. They are also quite warm by nature, encouraging blood flow. 


Other signature qualities of a diabetic sock include a white sole design so that wearers can identify if the foot has sustained any injuries, such as cuts or sores. Moisture-wicking technology also plays a big part, which is why many are composed of special yarns that draw moisture away from the foot, thereby preventing infections. Anti-microbial technology works to eliminate bacteria and fungi that may develop in certain areas of the foot, and this also helps reduce foot odor at the same time.


Diabetic socks should be worn largely as any other sock, with some special considerations. It’s important to wear one pair per day so that feet remain clean. It’s also an opportunity to check and see whether any cuts or injuries have left blood residue on the sock, which can make the wearer more proactive. The socks can be washed the same way as other items in one’s laundry basket, but it’s best to do so on a warm cycle. Remember to dry them on a low heat setting to prolong the material, and avoid things like fabric softeners or bleach, as they can damage the sock over time.


Factory Direct Medical offers diabetic socks from JOBST and SIGVARIS, to fit your needs as a diabetic patient. JOBST SensiFoot diabetic socks come in four colours (white, black, navy and brown), depending on one’s preference and requirements, and they include the same non-irritating toe seam, extra foot padding and moisture wicking yarns that help boost comfort levels and daily performance. SIGVARIS EverSoft® socks are perfect for those with sensitive skin, and are made of drirelease® Polyester material, nylon and spandex in a non-latex design. 


When used by diabetic patients, these socks can boost quality of life by keeping the feet and legs healthy, and that translates into a much more productive and enjoyable day-to-day routine.

For more information on our diabetic socks, and how they can help make your life better, please contact us today!