Great Product Choices For The Winter Season


The winter season is almost upon us, and all sources say it’s going to be a cold one. What better way to deal with the harsh cold weather than by staying warm indoors? This is especially true for elderly individuals and those who need a little more care and comfort during the day. The right products can make the winter season go by comfortably, which is why we’ve composed a list of the best picks to consider as we move into the colder months. 



Nothing takes the chill off the legs than a good pair of compression socks and stockings. They come in a wide assortment of options for both men and women, and they include a host of healthy benefits that go far beyond just keeping your legs warm. Compression stockings and socks help banish fatigue and pain in the legs, which is beneficial for those who stand for prolonged periods, or others who suffer from lymphatic diseases or diabetes. Pregnant women can use compression stockings to apply degressive pressure which promotes circulation and a return of blood back to the heart. Others can utilize them to prevent varicose veins, leg swelling and blood pooling, to name a few. The extra layer of warmth on your legs might be noticeable, but what’s happening underneath is what truly matters.



There’s nothing like a good massage to take the ache of sore muscles, bad backs and tired legs and feet. Massage chairs are one of the most popular methods of achieving a relaxing massage outside of the spa, and they pull double duty in the wintertime as well. In addition to banishing fatigue and soothing the body after a stressful day, many massage chairs also have built-in heating functions, including our own EZee Life 4D Massage Chair with roller heating technology. This goes the extra mile when it comes to soothing aching muscles and warming the body during the chilly months. While massage chairs are an excellent tool for everyday use, they’re twice as lovely if you’ve just come in from the cold outside. 



Several of our lift chairs also feature massage and heating technology for some soothing relief, such as our Mercury model and Saturn models. Lift chairs are excellent for those who have trouble standing up and sitting down and require a bit of assistance. They’re also packed with features including hand controls, cup holders and adjustable trays for a little more versatility and relaxation. They’re an excellent alternative for those who enjoy massage functionality but require an aid for standing and sitting.



We carry a wide assortment of hot and cold therapy products, but let’s focus primarily on hot packs which can bring instant and rapid relief to the body. The cold weather can play havoc on muscles and joints, especially for those who suffer from conditions such as arthritis. Snapping open a hot pack and applying it to sore areas can provide instant relief from pain, not to mention a delightful warming sensation at the same time. Our Rapid Relief Warm packs retain their heat properties much longer than competing brands, and Fold-to-Pop technology makes them easy to activate without any hassle or fuss. Use them for sore and stiff joints, muscle aches, pain and tension, or cramping. 



Having a bath isn’t just a matter of personal hygiene. In the cold winter months, it can be one of the most pleasant and relaxing things you can do to beat the chilly weather. Many elderly individuals and those suffering from physical ailments or post-surgery pain might have trouble getting in and out of the bathtub safely, which is why bath safety products are so important. We carry a vast line of bath seats, safety bars and boards to make it easier than ever to slip into the bathtub risk-free. Not only will you be able to wash up, but you can take the opportunity to indulge yourself in a warm, relaxing bath that is guaranteed to beat the cold and leave you feeling better than ever. Getting into the bathtub should be easy and safe, so be sure to invest in the right bath safety products for your household.


For more information on any of the above products, please contact us directly so that we can assist you. In the meantime, prepare yourself for the coming winter months so that you can coast right on through to spring with a smile on your face.