FH7000 Series - Forsite AM/PM Stripes Briefs - Cases of 36 & 30

Get the protection, comfort and dependability you’ve come to trust from Forsite AM:PM in an elegant new design.

If you or a family member want to find incontinence briefs that let you go about your daily routine and nightly rest in fully-protected comfort,

Forsite’s AM/PM Maximum Absorbency Adult Briefs provide a high-quality choice that won’t let you down. Expect incredible comfort and absorbency in these high-quality adult disposable briefs that boast soft-standing leak guards, wetness indicator, odor protection, high-grade USA fluff core, a comfy elastic waistband, and the amazing absorbency of over 5000ml.


Medium: Fits 27" to 39.5" (cases of 36)

Large: Fits 39.5" to 50" (cases of 30

As low as $89.97

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  • Maximum absorbency brief for moderate to heavy incontinence, whether it’s during your daily errands or your nightly rest.
  • Long-lasting & money-saving: these plastic-backed pull up briefs last for two to three changes each day, even for heavy incontinence users. That means you use fewer diaper briefs and you save more money.
  • Super comfortable and easy to adjust: these disposable briefs with an anatomical design feel great against your skin and feature strong, easily adjustable tapes with a frontal tape landing zone so you can fasten and refasten as needed.
  • Snug and firm fit: four tapes featured on the AM/PM Forsite Briefs ensures an excellent fit with the flexibility of refastening, which is ideal for active users.
  • Stay feeling dry and protected: you’ll love the fast-drying high grade fluff core, soft standing leak guards/cuffs for extra peace of mind. There’s also an overlap of 3” on each side for added protection.
  • Elastic stretch waistband on front and back of these control briefs, so they feel great even on active users.
  • Latex free, for sensitive skin
  • This is the exact same brief as the Classic FH2000/FH2001 Forsite AM:PM White Brief, expect without wetness indicator.
  • All cases ship in discreet plain brown box packaging.
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