Factory Direct Medical Offers Increased Mobility, Independence


For Factory Direct Medical, working with its customers to solve challenges and reduce accessibility barriers has led to the home health care and mobility product retailer being recognized as a Readers’ Choice Awards winner.


“Finding the right product for a customer must be paramount. It has to fit their lifestyle, family, professional caregivers and environment,” company president Alan Kline explained. “Mobility and freedom is not something that can be developed right away. We do our best to educate our customers and guide them throughout their buying journey to match them with a product that will add the most value to them.


“Our approach is to put finding the best solution ahead of making the sale. If we find the right solution, the sale will follow automatically.”


Servicing an audience with accessibility challenges, the company has been mindful of COVID-19 restrictions, as its clientele may be subject to increased risk.


“We’ve been fortunate in that our location already had a pickup area that could be made safe and a customer service window so that people could keep their distance and didn’t need to enter our showroom,” he said, adding that the company’s offerings of both durable medical equipment and supplies make shopping safer for customers. “We are consistently adding new products to the supplies category. When COVID-19 hit, we decided as a company to pivot by selling PPE products to do our part and help the community. We now permanently sell some of these core items in our product mix, including hand sanitizer, gloves and three-layer organic/hypoallergenic cotton face masks. Many customers have taken advantage of ordering their supplies online from the safety of their home and having it delivered directly to their door.”


The business is about making people’s lives easier and more independent, and its commitment to those ideals is reflected in the award.


“We promote independence, freedom and mobility through our own EZee Life brand products. We want seniors and those with disabilities to know that they have alternatives to staying indoors,” Kline said. “Our standing in the Readers’ Choice contest validates our efforts to provide the service our customers want and need.”