Economy Wheelchair Cushions

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  • CH1100 - 18" x 16" x 2"
  • CH1098 - 18" x 16" x 4"
  • CH1101 - 20" x 18" x 2"
  • CH1099 - 20" x 18" x 4"
EZee Life™ wheelchair cushions offer a blend of high quality components and design at economy prices. Our closed cell medium density foam will not absorb moisture and provide good immersion while reducing the chances of bottoming out. The mesh cover that stretches to reduce shearing and enhance immersion has a non-slip bottom and Velcro patches to reduce slipping on the wheelchair. All components are fire retardant for safety.
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Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair cushions can be used for several reasons and the reason for use will determine the type and size of cushion purchased.

  1. First and foremost, a wheelchair cushion will provide comfort for the user.
  2. The cushion will also help prevent the user from sliding out of the wheelchair.
  3. It can be used to adjust the seat height of the wheelchair.
  4. It will reduce pressure on any boney protuberances a user has
  5. It helps protect the skin from developing pressure sores.
  6. It can help prevent perspiration on the user's buttocks
  7. It can help wick away moisture from the skin which improves skin health

Wheelchair Cushion Sizes

EZee Life™ wheelchair cushions are available in 4 sizes:

Width x Depth x Height

  • 18" x 16" x 2"

  • 18" x 16" x 4"

  • 20" x 18" x 2"

  • 20" x 18" x 4"

Choosing a wheelchair cushion width

The wheelchair cushion width should equal the wheelchair seat width. Wheelchairs are sized by seat width but how they are measured will affect the cushion width.

Some companies measure width by measuring between the seat upholstery screws, some measure width by measuring the actual width of the seat upholstery and some measure the distance between the insides of the arms.

The important thing is that the cushion will fit onto the seat without bunching up on the sides if it contacts the arms and doesn't leave big gaps between the arms and the cushion.

Choosing the wheelchair cushion depth

Wheelchair depth is a little bit different than most would think. The depth of a wheelchair is determined by measuring the depth of the upholstery.

That said, there is a gap between the back of the upholstery and the wheelchair back posts. There is a greater gap between the back of the seat upholstery and the back upholstery because the back upholstery hammocks out a bit. Often a wheelchair that has a 16" seat depth will best best fit by a 18" deep cushion.

The important thing with wheelchair cushion depth is that there isn't a big gap at the back and the cushion extends forward to, at least, the front of the seat upholstery. If the cushion is too short, the seat upholstery could dig into the back of the user's calves.

Choosing a wheelchair cushion height

Deciding on a wheelchair cushion height is a little counterintuitive. One would believe a thicker cushion would be needed for a heavier user.

To some degree this is true. However, the purpose of the cushion is to distribute the user weight more evenly and preventing high pressure areas.

A thicker cushion will allow thinner users to sink further into the cushion without them bottoming out on the upholstery.

Larger users have their own flesh that will help disperse their weight and prevent them from sinking all the way through the cushion so they can usually get along with a thinner wheelchair cushion.

Ezee Life™ Limited Warranty

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This Ezee Life™ product carries a 90 day warranty against manufacturing defects, faulty materials and workmanship to the original purchaser. Items purchased used, as demos or from third parties such as second hand dealers, etc. are not eligible for warranty coverage.

In the event of a defect covered by this warranty, we will, at our option, repair or replace the item. Please contact your supplier/dealer for assistance should a defect become apparent.

The warranty does not extend to consequential costs resulting from the fault or defect in the product, in particular freight and travel costs, loss of earnings, expenses or other expenses which may occur.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear resulting from normal use or damage caused by accident, misuse, negligence or improper installation or assembly.

The vendor/manufacturer will not accept responsibility for any damages or injury caused by misuse, negligence or non-observance of the instructions supplied.

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Wheelchair cushion

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