Replacement Batteries (Classic, Elite & EZee Travel)

These batteries are for use on the EZee Travel, Elite and Classic Scooters only.

Lead Acid or Lithium Batteries? - Lithium batteries are the newest evolution of scooter batteries and although expensive they are cost effective over time. The advantages of Lithium include 50% less weight, more even power throughout the time between charges and life expectancies of 4 to 10 times longer than Lead Acid Batteries.

Batteries for these scooters are sold in pairs. If you order 1, you will receive 1 pair.

Battery cases not included. To order battery cases for the EZee Travel, Elite and Classic Scooters please visit the Replacement Battery Cases page.

Batteries are non-returnable

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It's recommended that scooter batteries be replaced in pairs. While both your old batteries may not fail at the same time if one fails the other won't be far behind. Pairing a new battery with an older battery may damage the new battery and significantly reduce its performance and lifespan. For this reason, the batteries are sold in pairs

Air Travel

Travelling by air always seems to be a bit of a hassle these days and travelling with wheelchair and scooter batteries doesn't help. In order to minimize problems we recommend notifying the airline when purchasing your tickets to ensure you have the required documents. Below are the manufacturer documents that cover these batteries for air travel.

The Standard Lead Acid battery pack has been certified safe for airline travel. Click here for copy of the lead acid battery certification

The Optional Lithium battery pack has been certified safe for airline travel. Click here for copy of lithium battery certification

Scooter batteries are warrantied for 3 months against manufacturer defects.

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