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Solid Non-Folding Ramps

These Curb Ramps are solid and sturdy, constructed of welded aluminum with a permanent textured non-skid surface that is integral to the aluminum and cannot tear or wear off. We stock these ramps in 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft and 6 ft lengths.

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Product Information new

The 6' Curb Ramp is a welded aluminum solid wheelchair ramp with a permanent textured non-skid surface that is integral to the aluminum and cannot tear or wear off and has a weight capacity of 600 lbs.

Weighing between 37 lbs this lightweight wheelchair ramp can be permanently installed in place or transported as needed for portable use.

The 6' Curb wheelchair ramp's full width and solid construction make it ideal for both wheelchairs and three or four wheeled scooters.


Ramp Length Calculator new

Rise (in inches):
(Vertical difference between the bottom level and top level)

Minimum Required Permanent Ramp Length
(1:12 slope, results in feet)
Suitable for wheelchair, scooter and walker users)

Minimum Occupied Portable Ramp Length
(2:12 slope, results in feet):
(Wheelchair/scooter user is sitting in seat)

Minimum Unoccupied Portable Ramp Length
(3:12 slope, results in feet):
(Wheelchair/scooter user is NOT sitting in seat)

Ramp Safety

Wheelchair Ramp Slope

  • Permanently installed wheelchair ramps must be at least 1' long for every 1" of rise to meet most building codes.
  • Portable wheelchair ramps do not have to abide by building codes but wheelchair ramp manufacturers usually recommend that you should have at least 1' of ramp for every 2" of rise.
  • Another consideration when buying wheelchair ramps is the type of equipment that will be used on the ramps. Wheelchairs and scooters have limits on how steep of an incline can be traversed recommended by the manufacturers and these limits should be kept in mind.
  • The above three points refer to slopes when there is a user in the equipment when it is traversing a ramp. When using a portable wheelchair ramp to load a wheelchair or scooter, without a passenger, into a vehicle can be as steep as can be safely managed by the person doing the loading.

Portable Wheelchair Ramp Set-up

In order to use a portable wheelchair ramp safely it is important that it be set up properly for use.

The biggest issue with portable wheelchair ramp safety is slipping during use. If the lower level of the ramp is placed on a slippery surface such as ice or snow there is a danger of the ramp slipping during use. when the bottom of the ramp slips the top of the ramp will often slip off the upper surface causing the ramp, user and mobility device to fall to the ground. This situation is especially common when using a ramp to enter or exit a vehicle where the roadway or parking lot may not be cleared of ice and snow well enough or not very level.

The solution to portable wheelchair ramp slippage is to secure the ramp to the upper level. When the ramp is usually used in the same location such as a vehicle or home location the simplest solution is to have two pins that can be inserted through the ramp and into holes in the step, deck, porch or vehicle.

Model Length Maximum Rise* Width Weight Capacity Price
SCR3 3' 6" 30" 18 lbs 600 lbs $450.00
SCR4 4' 8" 30" 24 lbs 600 lbs $545.00
SCR5 5' 10" 30" 30 lbs 600 lbs $600.00
SCR6 6' 12" 30" 37 lbs 600 lbs $725.00

* The maximum rise suggested in this chart is a guideline only. Make sure the slope of the ramp falls within the range of use suggested by the wheelchair or scooter manufacturer for safety.

  • The load capacity for the curb ramp is 600 lbs.
  • The non-skid finish insures long life and safe use
  • Easy to set up for use
  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Ramp width of 30"
  • Full width solid surface suitable for all types of wheelchairs and scooters

Ramp Instructions


  1. Use ramp ONLY with a qualified helper, NEVER exceed the recommended weight limit during use.
  2. Always back the chair down the ramp and use a lap belt for safety.
  3. See the owners manual of the chair or scooter being used to determine an acceptable incline.

Using the Ramp

  1. Place the top lip of the ramp on a SECURE and STABLE surface. Be sure that the complete top adapter lip of the ramp is securely placed on the landing surface.
  2. Two pins are supplied to help anchor the ramp into position. When you are satisfied that the ramp is positioned properly, drill a ¼" hole 1 ½" deep into the landing or vehicle floor using the pre-punched holes in the top adapter lip as a guide.
  3. Complete the installation by inserting the anchor pins through the threshold plate and into the drilled holes.

Threshold Ramp Instructions Image 1

Maintenance & Safety

  1. Regularly check your ramp for worn, loose, or damaged parts. If you find any of these conditions DO NOT USE THE RAMP. Contact your Dealer for repairs. Failure to do so may cause severe injury!
  2. The surface of the ramp may become slippery in icy or wet conditions. Caution should be used when using the ramp.
  3. Keep the ramp surface free of dirt and debris.
  4. Always check the chair or scooter for the manufacturer's recommended degree of incline. Do not use ramps that are steeper than recommended.
  5. Do not add to or modify any part of the ramp. Doing so may void your warranty.
  6. Do not use the ramp for purposes other than those it was designed for.
  7. Clean ramps with water and mild detergent.
  8. Use caution when folding and unfolding your ramp. Beware of pinch points.
  9. Be sure that the ramp is always on a solid landing and firmly placed. Always anchor your ramp in place with the pins provided.

Warranty Information

Factory Direct Medical Wheelchair Ramps carry a five year warranty against manufacturing defects faulty materials and workmanship.

In the event of a defect covered by this warranty, we will, at our option, repair or replace the item. Please contact your supplier/dealer for assistance should a defect become apparent.

The warranty does not extend to consequential costs resulting from the fault or defect in the product, in particular freight and travel costs, loss of earnings, expenses or other expenses which may occur.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear resulting from normal use or damage caused by accident, misuse, negligence or improper installation or assembly.

The vendor/manufacturer will not accept responsibility for any damages or injury caused by misuse, negligence or non-observance of the instructions supplied.

If you have a question regarding your product, its use or this warranty please contact an authorized dealer.

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