Choosing The Right Rollator Walker For Your Daily Routine


Rollators are very popular walkers due to their design and ease of use. They are also one of the best-selling walkers on the market, thanks to a host of features that make everyday life easier for the individual user. Rollator Walkers aren’t just for getting around, either. They also come with a host of accessories and options that help add extra convenience to your daily routine. Here’s a few key things about Rollator Walkers that you should be aware of, before deciding which one is right for you.



Many people might believe that Rollator Walkers are a one-size-fits-all product, but there are variations they should be aware of. One of these is wheel options. Typically, Rollators come with either 6” or 8” wheels, and both have their distinct advantages. 6” wheels are best for indoor use on hard and flat surfaces. 8” wheels, on the other hand, are better suited for outdoor use where the larger base size can handle more challenging terrain. It’s a bit like the wheels on one’s car. The larger the wheel base, the more ground is covered. Keep this in mind when deciding which model best suits your lifestyle needs.



While the indoor Rollator might be best just to get around, outdoor users may wish to pick a model with some carrying accessories thrown in for good measure. Many Rollators feature either baskets or carrying bags placed in out of the way locations that make it easy to store valuables and possessions. This is great for those who want to take a trip to the store, and carry back some light groceries or other purchases, not to mention purses and handbags. Many Rollators place their basket directly under the seat for greater security when traveling, while others feature a front-mounted carrying option.



Many Rollator Walkers feature a collapsible frame, which makes it easy to pack them up in the closet, or off the side. Not only does this save on space, but it also makes Rollators easy to transport from room to room, or via the car. Plus, it prevents people from tripping over them while walking by. They can quickly be deployed as needed in a few simple steps, then folded and put away when not required.



Rollator Walkers tend to come in either 3 or 4-wheel variations, with the latter offering better support and structure during operation. This adds an extra level of safety while in use. While maneuverability is reduced in comparison to a 3-wheel Rollator, many may be willing to give that up for some better stability. It’s also good to check the dimensions and recommendations in the description regarding maximum weights and heights. Certain users need to take this into account to choose the right Rollator that suits their height and body type.


Factory Direct Medical is proud to carry several amazing Rollator Walker models from EZee Life, one of the most trusted names in the business. Most are collapsible, while others offer excellent stability, plus extra options like wheel-locking hand brakes built into the handles. Whatever your condition or body type, our EZee Life Rollator Walkers can help make your day a better one.

For more information on the models we carry, as well as other products in our vast lineup, please contact Factory Direct Medical today.