Choosing The Right Electric Wheelchair



Electric wheelchairs are immensely popular due to their increased level of mobility and ease of use, especially for those who lack the strength to get around using a manual wheelchair. Though not new, electric wheelchairs continue to improve with new technology, ruggedness and durability, while offering a host of options to make getting around so much easier.


As the name implies, electric wheelchairs are battery-powered, and operable via an easy to use joystick mechanism that is typically situated on the armrest. Most models feature removable batteries that can be charged in the home or via a charging cable to top up for the next day, while others allow for the storage of multiple batteries for longer trips.


Factory Direct Medical carries an excellent line of electric chairs sold by EZee Fold, which are designed with comfort, travel distance and portability in mind. The signature feature of each model is their foldable design, allowing them to be stored easily, or transported in a vehicle for quick deployment. Understanding the difference between each model is key to choosing the right electric wheelchair for your lifestyle, environment and daily routine.


Generation 1

This original model wheelchair is the foundation and basis for future incarnations, and remains the template for EZee Fold electric models. Available in either standard or heavy duty models, the Generation 1 features a choice of footboard or swing-away footrests, in addition to an easy folding frame that makes stowing and deploying simple and straightforward. Depending on which of the three specific models, the Generation 1 can hold up to three batteries, which are accessed from the rear. Our Tall Seat Height variant features 12” drive wheels to handle more challenging terrain, with a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.


Generation 2

The follow-up Generation 2 model includes a few extra key features, as well as for a little more aesthetic choice. There are 4 distinct variants to choose from, which come with either 8” or 12” rear wheels for indoor and solid surfaces, or more rugged outdoor use. This line features a maximum weight range of 264 lbs to 352 lbs, depending on the specific model, and they all feature the same foldable design as the G1. An optional second battery can easily extend the travel range beyond the standard 16km to 22km, allowing for more flexibility when it comes to distance.


Generation 3

The newer Generation 3 models are distinct in that they feature side frame mounted batteries and optional swing-away leg rests, which is an added feature for those who like a little more comfort. The back is adjustable as well, which gives more choice when it comes to comfort. Three individual models offer the same choice of 8” or 12” wheels as the Generation 2 to handle different terrain, while adding in a kickstand and frog legs suspension. This wheelchair line features a travel range of 15km to 21km, depending on the model, which offers up solid performance with a heavy focus on comfort.


Generation 4

For something more heavy duty, the Generation 4 line is a perfect choice. This wheelchair features a maximum 500lb weight capacity with standard 12” drive wheels to deal with rugged terrain. Better still, all this extra performance can be met with a 20km travel range, which means no sacrificing battery life in exchange for power. This Bariatric folding wheelchair comes in two models with a large, spacious and comfortable seat, plus the same foldable design as previous models.


Generation 5

The latest Generation 5 wheelchairs are designed with balance in mind, thanks to lightweight construction, powerful performance and a solid 15km range. This ultra-light variant can hold a maximum weight of 220 lbs, and comes with 8” drive wheels for ease of travel around the house or moderate surfaces. With a weight of just 37 lbs, the Generation 5 is one of the lightest electric wheelchairs around, allowing it to be folded and stored/ported with total ease.


The right electric wheelchair can drastically improve your life by providing comfort and convenience in one easy-to-store frame. Hopefully this article has provided you with the information you need to decide on the right electric wheelchair for your everyday routine. Should you require any more assistance however, we’d be happy to help, and we invite you to contact us with your questions or concerns.