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Free shipping on orders above $100 Free shipping on orders above $100
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The offer ends November 30 at 11:59 PM EST

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What Our Customers Are Telling Us

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Elaine RubinoffElaine Rubinoff
20:58 14 Jul 23
I have been wearing thigh high sigvaris medical compression stockings for years and most of them I have purchased from Factory Direct Medical. Several weeks ago, my chiropractor suggested another brand that she said was just as good, and much cheaper. The adage, "Your get what you pay for," applies here. They were horrid. Even though they were the size that reflected my leg measurements, they were so tight that I could only wear them for a few minutes. I immediately went back to the Factory Direct website and bought the sigvaris pair that I always wear.The staff at Factory Direct are wonderful, and are always available to help me when I need some advice. They call back within a short period of time.
Rock n RollRock n Roll
22:56 12 Dec 22
ATTO Sport Mobility Scooter with Max upgrade. Amazing! Love it! I am 5'9, 250 lbs, it fits me easily. Love the design, a must for travel. Get the cushion, underseat storage bag, and backpack!Victoria Feist, BC, Canada
16:30 10 Dec 22
so good very good
Susan RahimiSusan Rahimi
06:21 05 Oct 22
I needed to have a support sock I went to Kene Medic an specialist did the measurement who estimated the price will be more than $200 + tax.I went to Canada medical their specialist did measurement. I paid $175 for it. I received it 2 size smaller than my size. I went to store they said there is no return for safety issue. Their policy for return for some items that it does not have safety issue, the customer will not receive the full refund some percentage will be deducted. They said this is their policy, they are employee they have to follow the rule.I call sigvaris and told them the stories. They advised me that I can purchase the same support socks from the Factory direct. The factory direct charged me $95 for the same support socks that Canada care charged me $175.The people who wrote in their review that the are happy from customer service of the Factory direct. They ignored this company tried to charge their customer the minimum amount and receive the minimum profit.I bought universal adaptor from the Best Buy for $39+ tax . I ordered from factory direct for $12.I believe some people by criticizing Factory Direct they plan to cause the company such as Factory Direct become bankrupt in order the other companies who charged double become richer and fatter.
Rob GriffithsRob Griffiths
14:22 15 Aug 22
Al was awesome in helping us get a scooter adjusted to fit my fathers needs. Everything was seamless from delivery to follow up. I was very frustrated with the Shopping Channel's customer service, but Al made all those frustrations disappear. Thanks very much!
Simin RahseparSimin Rahsepar
00:27 29 Jul 22
Recently, I received a compression support socks from the factory direct with the same good quality and the the same price that I paid 5 and 10 years ago to another medical supply.At the present time, the other medical supplier increased the price of the same brand name twice more than 5 and 10 years ago.I prefer to stay the customer of the factory direct who provide good quality products also they get the minimum profit for themselves, in addition that they have very helpful customer service.
Herman FrancesHerman Frances
14:11 17 Jul 22
Due to my bad knees, I couldn't go anywhere without pain. Then I discovered the Atto Scooter which I purchased from this fine company. It's been fantastic, for now I'm able to put the unit in my car and go anywhere. Allan, their sales representative, was most helpful and is someone who really cares about his clients. I encountered some minor problems that I was unable to solve myself. He took care of it and solved the problem for good. This is a great company to work with and I strongly recommend them.
M LozSM LozS
02:00 10 Feb 22
SAVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY, DO NOT BUY HERE.Very disappointed after my last purchase. They had a sale for black Friday 2021 and I purchased a bit more than $500 worth, for me and some relatives. Well after the stockings came, one had a hole in the heel. Embarrassed as I was (since it was part of my mom's Christmas gift) I turned back to this company and asked what could be done. Their last email was early Jan, where they asked me to cut out the defective stockings in order to get a replacement, till date I've not got any answer from them neither a replacement of the stockings that I chopped off. DO NOT RECOMMEND, rather buy it off amazon, even if it comes from USA and takes longer, at least I could have returned these and gotten a new one.
Linda Ann FarruggiaLinda Ann Farruggia
16:33 27 Jan 22
Excellent quality, comfort and feels safe and secure. Ordered 3 layer masks a few times with filters. Once they forgot filters and promptly corrected and mailed them out with no hassle. Super happy with this company and customer service. Highly recommended.Recently because I do mobile massage and want to be even more protected, I've ordered N95 masks. They are super comfortable and fit very well. I feel confident going into people's homes protecting both myself and them as much as I can. I was very pleased to see they sell rapid tests, which I've ordered for future when I travel to Ontario to see my family. I'll be able to test when I arrive back in BC to be more secure in protecting the vulnerable people I work on.

Why Choose Factory Direct Medical?

Factory Direct Medical is Canada’s online source for home health care and mobility products. We have many years of experience in the medical equipment sales and service industry. We stock an extensive inventory of products at affordable prices and ship orders placed by noon the same day on “in stock items” to clients all over Canada.

Our products range in diversity, and we carry a full line of mobility scooters, wheelchairs, transport chairs and other durable medical equipment such as compression stockings, TENS units, rollator walkers, lift chairs, stair lifts and commodes. Almost all of our products can be ordered directly from our website, and our EZee Life™ products are shipped from our Toronto warehouse.

As a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of durable medical equipment and aides, we are committed to providing affordable solutions for value-conscious consumers. At Factory Direct Medical, you, our customers, are our most important asset. We will always do our best to meet your needs from shipping an order to making your online shopping experience a simple and easy one.

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