Discreet Flushable Wipes

Attends Discreet wipes provide a quick and easy way to freshen up - anytime, anywhere. The wipes are pH balanced and gentle on skin.

Discreet Flushable wipes are available in packages of 20 or 40 wipes per package and packages are available singly or in cases. When purchased in cases there are either 24 or 48 packages per case depending on whether 40 packs or 20 pack sizes are chosen.

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It is recommended that all disposable washcloths are thrown away in the garbage. If disposing into a system connected to municipal sewer, only one wipe should be flushed at a time. Flushable in properly maintained, code-approved toilets and sewers.

Not all systems can accept flushable wipes. Not approved for septic use. Do not flush if: RV or marine system – grease or fat disposal share drain pipe – any history of slow flow or clogs – system includes macerator toilet or household pump – advised by system operator – or unsure of system capability.

If problems develop, stop use immediately. Failure to follow instructions may result in clogs and/or property damage.

Check with your municipality before flushing to ensure the sewer system can accept them.

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Attends Discreet Flushable wipes are a quick and easy way to freshen up - anytime, anywhere. Wipes are pH balanced, gentle on skin and break apart after flushing. The small packs allow users to easily keep these in a purse, bag or car.

  • Breaks apart after flushing
  • Odor Shield
  • Paraben Free
Catalogue # Case Qty. Packaging
UADFW20 960 48 bags of 20
UADFW40 960 24 bags of 40
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