A Guide To Electrotherapy Devices & Products


Many people like to take advantage of electrotherapy devices as a means to provide pain relief and reduce overall discomfort. They may also be used in certain therapeutic situations as well. These products are generally referred to as TENS, which stands for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.” 


The basic premise behind the technology is rather straightforward. Electrodes are placed on the skin near or directly on an area where pain is persistent. When activated, electrical pulses are transmitted through the electrodes which translates directly to the nerve fibers under the skin. This provides an immensely soothing and relaxing stimuli by suppressing the brain’s natural pain signals while boosting the production of endorphins in the body. The result is two-fold – a drastic reduction in pain, and a feeling of relaxation. This is beneficial for many users with different needs, including (but not limited to) those suffering from chronic pain conditions, post-surgery complications, arthritis and diabetic health issues. 


Studies have shown the effectiveness of TENS products across the world, thanks in part to it sometimes being an effective alternative to pain medications which can present their own set of problems. If successful, users can save money on cost-prohibitive medication, and the health-related side effects that go along with it. This kind of electrotherapy isn’t new, either. In fact, it’s been around for decades at this point. Those intimidated by the concept of electrotherapy needn’t worry. This type of medical aid does not involve electrical shocks that many associate with being uncomfortable or painful. On the contrary, patients love the soothing experience that electrotherapy products can bring, which can help aid in relaxation and stress relief.


Factory Direct Medical carries a wide range of TENS electrotherapy products and accessories including various units such as the InTENSity 10 model which offers 10 preset selections by body part. It operates via two-button control for ease of use. Other models include the EV-804 Comfy TENS, the Wireless TENS/EMS system which offers greater flexibility and ease of use, and the Painless TENS single-channel unit which requires no prescription for use. This is just a small sampling of the items we carry, and you’re invited to come browse our full list to determine which TENS product is the perfect match for your needs and budget.


Electrotherapy products aren’t limited just to units. We also carry a wide range of specialized TENS accessories that focus on specific parts of the body. Our Ear Clips provide a soothing massage to the 360 pressure points found in the human ear, while our Neck Wraps deliver low-voltage pulses to the neck area for concentrated soothing relief. Other items include Elbow and Wrist Wraps for those suffering from various neuropathy conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, and Acu Belts and Gloves that deliver pinpoint therapy to these particular areas. We even offer Acu Socks and Shoes which are perfect for dealing with plantar fascitis, post-surgery swelling and sore feet. 


We also offer various accessories to maintain your TENS products, including travel cases, replacement electrodes, electrotherapy gel products and replacement electrode leads which are all a few online clicks away.


It’s important to consult your physical therapist after purchasing your TENS products, especially if you’re having trouble. Doing so will alleviate any confusion while demonstrating the correct method for using electrotherapy products to generate the best possible results. We are also happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the products in our TENS electrotherapy range so that you can get started on your path to pain relief, relaxation and ultimate stress relief! Contact us today to learn more!!