A Guide To Bathroom Safety Products



Bath safety is quite important for those who have medical conditions that make it hard to get in and out of a bathtub. By making the process easier and more convenient, these items can cut down on the risk associated with bathroom activities while providing more peace of mind. Some bath safety products are best suited for particular individuals, which is why it’s good to understand the individual product categories before choosing. The following is a list of the bath safety products we offer at Factory Direct Medical, and how each can serve you in the home.



Some individuals have trouble making it to the bathroom during critical moments, while others have trouble sitting on a regular toilet seat. In either instance, commodes help by providing a quick and convenient item to use the bathroom safely and securely, without the need for a difficult transition. Commodes also serve a third function for those who want to shower inside a stall. Particular units can be rolled in and out to allow for showering without the need to transition in and out, or stand up in the shower without an aid. With over a dozen models to choose from, it’s important to consider your particular needs before investing in a commode.  Make sure to check out our full range.


Bath Seats

Designed primarily for showering, bath seats are a great item for those who need to take a brief respite without the need to lower themselves into the bathtub by themselves. Particular models feature adjustable legs, back rests, arm rests and round seats that can be assembled and taken apart through tool-less design. They also come in varying heights and styles, including foldable options, models with hand grips and padded variants for a little extra comfort.


Raised Toiled Seats

For those with muscle weakness or other conditions such as knee or back problems, raised toilet seats can provide a little more relief and comfort. The extra height of a raised toilet seat makes it much easier to stand and sit without the need to bend the legs as per a normal toilet. Depending on your particular challenges, you may wish to choose a simple raised toilet seat, or a variant model with arms in either stationary or flip-back options for a little more assistance in standing up. There’s even a toilet safety frame designed for those who simply need arms to help stand and sit.


Bathtub Bars

If you are capable of using a bathtub and merely require a little bit of assistance getting in and out, bathtub safety bars are your best bet. These items clamp down onto the side of the bathtub to provide a secure grip for entering and exiting. Placing a bathtub bar at either end of the bathtub (your preference) will eliminate the risk associated with slipping as you get in and out. It’s wise to read the instructions to make sure you’ve placed them correctly, as they do require special considerations.


Other Items

There are plenty of other bathtub safety products in our selection as well, including knurled grab bars which can be mounted horizontally or vertically to get in and out of the tub, transfer benches to allow you to sit down and easily migrate into the bathtub without issue, and bath boards for extra support while bathing or showering.


The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places for those with medical conditions, weak muscles and joints or other afflictions. That’s why it’s important to make safety the number one priority. The products we offer are designed with that in mind. For more information regarding bath safety products, please contact us today.