Three Ply Face Masks Recommended By The Canadian Government

Three Ply Face Masks Recommended By The Canadian Government

The Public Health Agency of Canada has issued a statement recommending the use of three-layer non-medical masks in order to help stem the spread of Covid-19. The recently updated guidelines speak about the recommendation to use masks with two layers of tightly woven fabric made of either cotton or linen, along with a third layer of fabric such as polypropylene which acts as a filter.  The decision came after investigations regarding the level of protection afforded by regular non-medical masks as opposed to multi-layered.


Users of regular two-ply masks needn’t worry about lack of protection, as the Public Health Agency of Canada has stressed that those masks are still viable for use, but simply not as effective as a three ply mask. The reasoning behind the updated recommendation is due to research claiming that the extra layer can trap small infectious particles that stand a chance of making it through a normal two-ply mask. It is still recommended that reusable masks with a non-woven filter be washed multiple times per day depending on your lifestyle and activity.


The three-ply face mask is definitely a stronger option for those who want a bit more peace of mind as they go about their daily routines. It’s especially true for those in higher-risk age groups such as 70 and above, and those who may interact with them on a daily basis. Any extra bit of protection helps, and having a third filter layer can help ease a bit of stress for those who are particularly worried about the spread of Covid-19. If you or someone you know is part of a high-risk group (including those suffering from pre-existing conditions), be sure to inform them about the efficiency of a three-ply mask.


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Finally, Factory Direct Medical also carries N95 face masks for much higher protection beyond even a three-ply mask. These respirator masks are recommended for use by healthcare and government workers as well as first responders, and are not deemed necessary for general public use.


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