The Advantages to Owning a Folding Mobility Scooter

The Advantages to Owning a Folding Mobility Scooter

When it comes to mobility devices, the wait is over. That’s because the future is now. 

Numerous technological advancements have made mobility devices more powerful and accessible than ever before. The cumulative result of all these innovations is the folding mobility scooter, a device that has revolutionized lifestyles for movement-impaired individuals around the world.

Good technology changes the way we do things; great technology changes the way we think. And that’s how it is with the folding mobility scooter. 

Instead of a device that fixes a single problem, folding mobility scooters are multi-faceted solutions designed to complement your lifestyle. Instead of doing one thing well, a folding mobility scooter does several things well. It transcends its limitations and enables users to freely make choices without conditions.

A folding mobility scooter will change the way you think about mobility devices, and they do it by providing these key advantages:


1. Versatility

Live the lifestyle you want

No longer bound by the limitation of traditional scooters, folding mobility scooters empower your life with versatility. Instead of being held back by their limitations, this device keeps up with your pace—no matter how fast it is. 

These scooters are designed with folding mechanisms that can transform its shape in seconds. A single user is able to make this change without extra help. This enables smooth transitions when entering or exiting buildings, or before or after a drive.

As such, means users aren’t held back by the device that is supposed to help them. The game-changing quality of these adaptable mobility devices means that users can live their lives without compromise. Suitable for indoor use with its maneuverable turning and great for outdoor use with its extended range, folding mobility scooters provide a versatility that is unmatched by traditional mobility scooters.

A great example of this type of versatility is the ATTO Sport Mobility Scooter, a sporty mobility scooter in our lineup that perfectly fits the needs of active individuals.

Go where you want, and do what you want. Under just about any circumstance, a folding mobility device is able to accommodate you.


2. Lightweight & Portable

Burden- and worry-free travel

Versatility is just one side to the benefit of a folding mobility scooter; the other is convenience. 

Folding mobility scooters are much lighter than their traditional counterparts. They feature an aircraft-grade aluminum construction that makes their frames strong, yet light at the same time. Not only that, its lithium-battery-powered motor means that folding mobility scooters only weigh an average 50 lbs compared to the 100–200 lbs of non-folding scooters.

But the convenience doesn’t stop there. In addition to being light, folding mobility scooters are also very portable. Designed to conserve as much room as possible, some of these devices can collapse to the size of a carry-on luggage—one that users can pack into a car trunk, or use to board flights with.

“Lightweight” and “portable” certainly come to mind when mentioning the EZee Auto-Fold Scooter, a collapsible mobility scooter that is airline friendly and can fit into the back of even the smallest hatchback.

With such unprecedented convenience, mobility devices users finally have an available option for experiencing true burden-free travel.


3. Powerful

Great performance with no limitations 

Another great advantage about folding mobility scooters is their power. When it comes to performance, these devices make no half measures when it comes to their driving. 

As sparse and light as they are in appearance and weight, these scooters are equipped with powerful lithium batteries. These batteries are amply stocked with the power needed to provide strong acceleration and good mileage.

This is perhaps best exemplified by the Whill Ci Mobility Device, a product offered by Factory Direct Medical that can deliver up to 10 miles (16.1 km) of continuous driving.

Although they may deceive with their looks, folding mobility scooters deliver great performance by any metric.


4. Purpose

Is a scooter when you need it, and isn’t when you don’t

Above all, the best thing about folding mobility scooters is the way they can fulfill the needs of their users. Whereas a traditional mobility scooter will force users to make compromises on its behalf, a folding mobility scooter will adapt itself to the user

Wherever you want to go, a folding scooter can follow. Whenever you don’t need it, a folding scooter can quickly disappear from view. 

Consider the ATTO Mobility Scooter. This popular product in our lineup features a unique design that allows it to quickly transform into a scooter, a compact package, split into two parts, and back again. Whatever your needs are, this scooter is always ready to be whatever you need it to be.

In short, this device provides unprecedented speed and convenience that elevates its users to a higher level. With the only real limitation left being your own imagination, these scooters are nothing short of revolutionary. If it won’t change your life, a folding mobility scooter will at least change the way you see mobility devices.

Looking for an upgrade? Browse our extensive lineup of folding mobility scooters, or learn more by reading our e-book on mobility scooters!