Mobility Scooter Winter Care Tips

Mobility Scooter Winter Care Tips

Winter in Canada often brings colder temperatures and snow. This type of weather can impact how you use your mobility scooter and the maintenance required to keep it in top condition. Whether you choose to continue using your scooter or store it for the winter, here are our top winter care tips for your scooter.

Avoid using in rain or snow

When you can, avoid using your scooter during any precipitation as it could potentially cause damage to the electrical system. It is recommended that you do not use your scooter outdoors when it is raining or snowing and you always avoid driving through puddles or snow and over ice. This is to both help protect your scooter from damage and for your own safety. If you are caught outside during inclement weather, its suggested that you use a cover to protect your scooter and dry off your scooter as soon as possible.

Keep your scooter in a dry location where temperatures stay above freezing

When your scooter isn’t in use, keep it in a dry location where the temperature remains above freezing. It’s essential to the lifespan of your battery that it isn’t exposed to freezing temperatures. Extended exposure to cold temperatures will deplete your battery’s overall capacity to hold a charge. It’s recommended to store your scooter or the battery indoors during the colder months. To help, our EZee Life Scooters all have removable battery packs. If you don’t have space to store indoors or out of the cold, your best option is to cover with a heavy blanket to help protect from the freezing temperatures.

Clean your scooter more often

If you use your scooter during the winter months, be sure to clean the tires and bottom of the scooter after each use. Salt, sleet and snow should be removed to avoid damage to the scooter’s frame and wheels. Salt used on sidewalks and walkways can cause damage to your scooter’s paint if not removed. Wipe down your scooter with a damp cloth and then use liquid dish soap to help remove salt from the footboard and wheels.

Store your scooter for the winter months

If you choose not to use your scooter for the winter months, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s directions for storing your scooter until the weather improves. Most will recommend storing the battery separate from the scooter. Your user manual should recommend a frequency for charging the battery when in storage and will list parts to be inspected or lubricated before using again. For the most accurate information specific to your brand of mobility scooter, refer to your user manual.

Using your scooter indoors

While using your scooter outdoors during the winter months may not be ideal, you can still use your scooter to get around indoors. Take your scooter with you to help with running errands and getting around. Our EZee Life and ATTO Scooters can all be folded for easy transport in your vehicle. We also carry lifts to aid with moving your scooter in and out of your vehicle.