How to Choose a Medical Lift Chair

How to Choose a Medical Lift Chair

Medical lift chairs provide a practical solution to people with mobility issues. They are a convenient solution that allows users to independently get out of a chair. And due to their high popularity, lift chairs come in a wide range of models and styles.

But with so many to choose from, which is the best lift chair for you?

To help you meet your particular needs, we list the top things you should consider when purchasing a lift chair. Please look through this short guide.



The main difference between a medical lift chair and an ordinary recliner is its purpose as a mobility enabler. A lift chair can move into different positions that allow the user to stand up, sit down, or facilitate side transfers.

Most lift chairs available on the market can be adjusted into two positions, three positions, or an infinite mode. In addition to a seated mode and a stand-up mode, a three-position lift allows the user to stretch out, while an infinite mode can be put into almost any position.

As the primary function of this product, this is the top decision to make when purchasing this product. Determine your needs, and then find the corresponding lift chair. Are you going to be using your lift chair just for watching TV and to help you stand? A two-position chair can fit your basic needs. Do you want a lift chair with more variety? Look for a three-position chair.

Other positions allow side transitions to or from a bed, or can provide customized positioning for optimal comfort. Determine your needs, and choose accordingly!


Spacing and Room Size

Room considerations are often overlooked when it comes to lift chairs. It’s easy to forget that lift chairs require more room than an ordinary chair when we overlook their ability to change positions.

Before you buy a lift chair, think about the best place to put it in your home. Now, figure in the additional space it requires to facilitate its various positions; as well, factor in even more space if the chair reclines or if the footrest extends.

As well, consider the limitations of your room. The lift chair needs to be placed in an open space like a living room, and not right up against a wall. You need to give the lift chair ample space to allow you to sit and stand safely.

Check to see if your house has room to accommodate your desired lift chair as well as its features.



Lift chairs will have a variety of different features to choose from depending on the model. Below are a few features that many users may find preferable and helpful.

  • Three Position – A three position lift chair has a very simple control and a single motor so the backrest and leg support will operate together.
  • Infinite Positioning – This feature allows the footrest and back rest to be adjusted separately to provide an infinite number of positions.
  • Adjustable Tray – Having a tray on a lift chair to hold a book, tablet or other item is handy for some people and adjustability is needed so the tray can be kept at the proper angle when the chair is reclined.
  • Cup Holder – Some models of lift chairs have pockets in the arms to hold a drink in place while the chair is repositioned. Note that a drink that is too full still may spill a bit.
  • Heat and Vibrate – Some call this heat and massage but the terms are interchangeable and are feature to add to comfort. Both the heat ans vibrate are usually timed to shut off after a set length of time.
  • Lounger Style - This term means there is no open gap between the leg support and the seat.
  • Battery Back-up – this is a absolute necessity for people who would have difficulty climbing out of a reclined chair during a household power failure.
  • Power Lumbar Support – Chairs with this feature allow the lower back of the chair to be adjusted for comfort ans support.
  • Power Headrest – This feature allows for the head area od the chair to be electrically adjusted for comfort ans support

Fit and Weight Capacity

Lift chairs are designed to serve a single user. As such, ensure that your lift chair fits you comfortably and is the correct size for your body.

As you browse online, check out the size specifications of each lift chair (listed under “Dimensions”). Compare its measurements to those of your body, and see if they match. You’ll want a lift chair that allows your feet to comfortably reach the floor.

Here’s a tip: Measure a chair in your home that fits you well, and then compare these measurements with lift chairs you see online.

As well, be sure that the chair has the proper weight capacity to hold you comfortably. A lift chair is designed to be placed in a living room and be used often. Because you’re going to be sitting in it for a long time, it needs to be comfortable. Try to think ahead and consider how you’ll be using the lift chair in the future.


Style and Upholstery

As a new addition to your home, a lift chair needs to fit in. Find a lift chair that matches the rest of your furniture and complements the overall style of your house. To help you facilitate this, lift chairs come in a wide variety of styles and colours. Manufacturers have designed them to be as attractive as they are practical, allowing users to choose styles that suit their homes and lifestyles.

Not only that, lift chairs are upholstered with a variety of fabrics to further suit the needs of users. Do you live in a cold climate? Try a lift chair with a cotton fabric that won’t give you the chills. Do you live in a warm climate, and are concerned about keeping your lift chair clean? Try a lift chair with faux leather upholstery that allows for easy cleaning. For a luxurious look, try a leather upholstered lift chair.

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