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How To Choose The Right Mobility Scooter

How To Choose The Right Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooters are a great way for the disabled, injured or elderly to get around outdoors, and they continue to improve both technologically, and in terms of features.  Today’s Scooters are rugged, high powered and can even stray off the beaten path a little bit.  When it’s time to choose your next Medical vehicle, what should you look for?  Let’s take a look!



Choosing a Mobility Scooter is a lot like choosing the right car. You’ll have to select one that fits your body size for ergonomic comfort and relaxation.  The first step is to check the weight capacity of the vehicle.  Don’t just take your own body into account, but your items as well.  If you’re going to use your vehicle to make trips to the grocery store, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of weight capacity. 



Depending on your lifestyle and daily routine, you may use your vehicle often, or sparingly throughout the week.  Choosing the right seat is important here, and something to take into account right away. 


Portable travel Scooters on the other hand offer less padding, which may not be an issue for those who only use their vehicle for short distance or occasional travel.  The reduced timespan of a trip means you won’t grow uncomfortable, eliminating the need for a super-cushioned seat while optimizing portability and convenience overall.



Speaking of portability, it’s important to consider the size and form factor of your Medical Scooter.  If you’re traveling a lot by car, or you want to take an international flight, a travel Scooter is the obvious choice.  Make sure to choose one with a weight that is easy to lift and stow, as well.  Some can even be disassembled quickly and reassembled later on, which can be beneficial for longer trips, such as moving to another city or province.



When choosing a Medical Scooter, be sure to pay special attention to the Tiller mechanism.  This can often be overlooked in favor of other things, such as seat comfort.  A proper vehicle should allow you to keep both hands on the Tiller while still allowing you to control speed, turning signals and other features.  Scooters tend to be pressure-based mechanisms that move back and forth based on the amount of pressure you apply to the throttle lever.  If a T-shaped Tiller with this design is problematic or cumbersome, you can also choose a Delta Tiller, which can control the vehicle with either the right or left hand and is perfect for those who lack strength or dexterity. 



All of the above tips are excellent, regardless of how you’re going to use your Scooter, but it’s always good to identify how you’ll use it in the first place.  If you’re going to use your vehicle primarily outdoors, it’s best to consider a 4-wheel option that can navigate bumpier, uneven terrain while reducing the risk of the unit tipping over.  Depending on said terrain, you may wish to choose larger wheels, or those with pneumatic functionality that reduce bumpiness and provide a more comfortable ride. 


If you’re using your Scooter primarily indoors, you’ll want to take size and turning radius into account before anything else.  Three-wheel Scooters are more popular inside the home, as they take up less of a footprint and allow for tight turns and better corner maneuvering.  Make sure to measure your doorways and take hinges into account, so you can choose a vehicle of the appropriate size. 


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