A Guide To Mobility Scooter Accessories

A Guide To Mobility Scooter Accessories

Your mobility scooter is a handy method of transportation, and it’s a great way to get out and about without having to worry about safety and comfort. However, a great mobility scooter can also benefit from some accessories that can add extra value, convenience and options to your experience. 


The following is a breakdown of some of the accessories that we offer for mobility scooters here at Factory Direct Medical. Choose one, or several to customize your mobility scooter experience just the way you like. 



Mobility scooters are built to be safe, but sometimes uneven or awkward terrain can force you to take things slower than usual, and with a greater degree of caution. If you want a little more peace of mind when going around troublesome corners, or navigating uneven terrain, these anti-tippers are the solution. They affix to the right and left side of the scooter, and help provide extra stability to keep from tipping over. A fall is no fun, and this is one way to put that concern to rest.



We sell a few different rear-view camera systems from AWARE, which allow you to see what’s happening behind you. Not only are these great for backing up your scooter, but they also allow you a greater degree of vision over your surroundings, which aids in security. The camera system is easy to set up, and even easier to navigate, adding a vehicle-style backup cam to your mobility scooter.



If a backup camera option isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you can go the old-fashioned route with one, or a pair of scooter mirrors. These add-ons affix to the right or left side (or both) of the scooter, giving you a motorcycle-style view of what’s behind you. This is great for those who don’t do a lot of backing up, but still want to keep tabs on their surroundings.



When you’re out during the day, it’s impossible to tell just how the weather is going to behave, or misbehave in many circumstances. Getting caught in the rain is no fun, which is where this canopy system comes into use. It helps shield you from the elements so you can make the trip home, without getting soaked. It’s also great for shielding you from the beating sun on a hot day, which is very important for those with breathing problems or other afflictions.



Having a basket on your mobility scooter is a great idea if you plan to take items with you during your trip out, or if you’re heading to the grocery store to pick up a few things. It attaches easily to the scooter’s front tiller, and it’s made of high strength steel wire mesh to support heavier weights. It’s also a great alternative to a backpack, and allows you to keep your items close by without the risk of losing them.



If you happen to use both a mobility scooter and a wheelchair, this product can pull double duty. The scissor lift is a great way to lift your mobility scooter into a vehicle up to 36” high. It’s easy to carry at just 25 lbs, but it can support weights up to 100 lbs with no effort. The scissor lift can be powered by its own battery, or your scooter’s battery for extra convenience. Definitely worth picking up if you want to take your scooter or wheelchair along for the trip.


These are just a few of the great mobility scooter accessories we carry, and there are plenty more on our website to choose from. We invite you to pay our site a visit, or contact us directly so that we can help you pick the right accessories for your scooter!